Our people

Our team at the AUT Ubiquitous and Web Computing Research Laboratory consists of a number of talented researchers who are involved in projects and supervision in the field of ubiquitous and web computing.

Jian Yu
Director / Associate Professor

Expertise in recommender systems and deep learning, graph neural networks, web and ubiquitous computing, service-oriented computing, complex networks

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Sira Yonchareon
Co-Director / Senior Lecturer

Expertise in Internet of Things, mobile/Edge computing, data management, information systems in intelligent environments

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Ji Ruan
Leader – General Game Play / Senior Lecturer

Expertise in verification of autonomous systems, game theoretical aspect of autonomous systems, general game playing and learning, reasoning about social networks, healthcare information systems and virtual reality, ethics and social impact of artificial intelligence

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Weihua Li
Leader – Social Intelligence / Senior Lecturer

Expertise in multi-agent systems, complex networks, knowledge discovery, knowledge graph, social intelligence, natural language processing, evolutionary computation

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Affiliated members and students

  • Dr Samaneh Madanian - Collaborating on health intelligence
  • Dr Matthew Kuo - Collaborating on Internet of Things
  • Professor Yanbo Han (North China University of Technology, China)
  • Professor Guiling Wang (North China University of Technology, China)
  • Professor Michael Sheng (Macquarie University, Australia)
  • Associate Professor Quan Bai (University of Tasmania, Australia)
  • Dr Saeed Rehman (Flinders University, Australia)
  • Dr Saiful Islam (Griffith University)
  • Professor Xiaowei Huang (University of Liverpool, UK)
  • Professor Michael Thielscher (University of New South Wales, Australia)
  • Professor Jianhua Jiang (Jilin University of Finance and Economics, China)

PhD students

  • Alan Zhang
    Motif-based graph neural networks
  • Nancy Wang
    Low-pass graph neural networks for collaborative filtering
  • Yan Li
    Knowledge graph automatic construction
  • Lei Zhou
    GNN-based stock market prediction
  • Jianxin Guo
    Dynamic graph learning
  • Joel Thekkekara
    A Computational Linguistics Aspect-based Deep Learning Approach for Social Text Analytics in Mental Health
  • Punsisi Pemarathne
    Multi-objective Optimization for Fog-enhanced IoT Systems
  • Anuradha Singh
    Non-contact Vital Signs Monitoring System using Radar
  • Jingli Shi
    Domain-Adaptive Sentiment Analysis Across Online Social Networks
  • Mengyan Wang
    Dual Attention Based Recommendation System with Knowledge Graphs
  • Guan Wang
    Social Influence Analysis and Mining with Knowledge Graph and Deep Learning Models
  • Alvaro Gunawan
  • Peng Xia

Masters' degree students

  • Jichao Li
  • Ruijun Li
  • Tatsuki Hashimoto
  • Jeff Feng

Current projects

We focus on world-class research in creating novel methods, techniques and frameworks in the promising area of ubiquitous and web computing. Find out more about our current research projects.

Our research